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    • Genotypic and phenotypic characteristics of DENV-3 isolated from patients with different disease severities in Indonesia. 

      Dewia, B E; Takasakia, T; Tajimaa, S; Sudirob, T M; Larasatic, R P; Corwinc, A L (‎2009-12)‎
      We have investigated the genetic diversity of DENV-3 isolated during an outbreak of dengue haemorrhagic fever (‎DHF)‎ in the city of Palembang, south Sumatra, Indonesia. Four viruses were isolated from patients with different disease severities. Amino acid differences were detected at 40 positions throughout the structural and non-structural proteins, except for the preM protein. Of the 40 positions, amino acids were conserved at 24 positions among three DSS/DHF strains, and the DF strain possessed different amino acids at these positions. Five ...