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    • Clinical characterization, diagnosis and socioeconomic impact of hospitalized dengue in Cambodia. 

      Suaya, Jose A; Chantha, Ngan; Huy, Rekol; Sah, Binod K; Moh-Seng, Chang; Socheat, Duong; Buchy, Philippe; Vantha, Te; Sivuth, Ong; Haileselassie, Elizabeth; Shepard, Donald S (‎2010-12)‎
      Dengue infection is endemic among children in Cambodia. Few studies have described the clinical characteristics, diagnoses and the socioeconomic impact of hospitalized dengue cases. As part of a multicountry prospective dengue study, we analysed interviews and record reviews of 123 consecutive cases of children hospitalized with confirmed dengue in a major public provincial hospital. About 80% of cases evidenced plasma leak. On average, a hospitalized dengue case lasted 6.3 days, with 3.3 days of inpatient care, and cost US$116 (‎Singapore dollar ...