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    • Laboratory evaluation of Mesocyclops aspericornis as a biocontrol agent of Aedes aegypti. 

      Ramanibai, R; Kanniga, S (‎2008-12)‎
      Mesocyclops aspericornis abounds in village ponds. Hence, the predatory capacity of M. aspericorniswas considered for use as a biological control agent for Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. In laboratoryexperiments, M. aspericornis consumed 33–50 mosquitoe larvae within 24-hours time period. M.aspericornis preyed upon only the first instar larvae of Ae. aegypti within a few seconds after theirintroduction. It started feeding on the tail portion first and ended with the head capsule. The meanvalue (‎triplicate)‎ showed that the predatory capacity was 45.76 ...