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    • Clinical diagnosis delays and epidemiology of dengue fever during the 2002 outbreak in Colima, Mexico. 

      Chowell, Gerardo; Diaz-Duenas, Porfirio; Chowell, Diego; Hews, Sarah; Ceja-Espiritu, Gabriel; M. Hyman, James; Castillo-Chavez, Carlos (‎2007)‎
      Dengue fever is a re-emergent and challenging public health problem in the world. Here, we assess retrospectively the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of the 2002 dengue epidemic in the state of Colima, Mexico. This study is carried out by analysing a database containing demographic, epidemiological and clinical information. Of the 4040 clinical dengue cases diagnosed in the hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Public Health in the state of Colima, 548 cases were confirmed by laboratory tests, and 495 cases presented at least one ...