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    • Aedes aegypti indices and KAP study in Sangam Vihar, south Delhi, during the XIX Commonwealth Games, New Delhi, 2010. 

      Singh, RK; Mittal, PK; Yadav, NK; Gehlot, OP; Dhiman, RC (‎2011-12)‎
      Dengue fever (‎DF)‎ cases were reported in Delhi during August 2010. As the XIXth Commonwealth Games were to be held in Delhi in October 2010, entomological and community knowledge, attitude and practices (‎KAP)‎ studies were carried out to assist the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (‎MCD)‎ for better implementation of vector control activities in the city. A total of 495 houses were searched for Aedes aegypti breeding in all kinds of temporary and permanent water receptacles in both indoors and outdoors in a thickly-populated, illegally-constructed ...