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    • Changing Epidemiology of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Indonesia. 

      E. Setiati, Tatty; F. P. Wagenaar, Jiri; D. de Kruif, Martijn; T.A Mairuhu, Albert; C.M van Grop, Eric; Soemantri, Augustinus (‎2006-12)‎
      Dengue fever (‎DF)‎/dengue haemorrhagic fever (‎DHF)‎ is a growing public health problem in the subtropics. Dengue was first reported in Indonesia in 1968 and since then the number of reports in the literature and the number of dengue virus (‎DENV)‎-infected cases reported by the Indonesian health authorities have increased. This review addresses the changing epidemiology of dengue in Indonesia by means of a chronological overview. Over time, the morbidity and mortality of dengue disease have increased and DHF epidemics occur throughout all the 29 ...