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    • Evaluation of the grass infusion-baited autocidal ovitrap for the monitoring of Aedes adgypti (‎L)‎. 

      Siang Tang, Choon; Lam-Phua, Sai Gek; Chung, Youne Kow; D Giger, Andrew (‎2007)‎
      Autocidal ovitraps used for the monitoring of Aedes (‎Stegomyia)‎ aegypti (‎L.)‎ (‎Diptera: Culicidae)‎ in Singapore are routinely stocked with cow-grass (‎Axonopus commpressus)‎ infusion. The optimum concentration of this infusion was determined to be a 1:4 dilution of a stock infusion prepared by fermenting dried cow-grass in tap water at a rate of 10g/l. Aedes aegypti females confined in an empty room and offered an ovitrap baited with cow-grass in competition with a range of common oviposition sites (‎plastic bottle, paper cup, plastic pail, flower ...