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    • Capillary leak syndrome in dengue fever. 

      Verma, Sudhir Kumar; Gutch, Manish; Agarwal, Abhishek; Vaish, AK (‎2011-12)‎
      Capillary leak syndrome (‎CLS)‎ has been described in dengue fever but its exact features have not been clearly defined. We present here the findings in 25 cases of CLS recently seen by us during an outbreak of dengue fever in northern India. Besides fever, body ache and bleeding manifestations, ascites was present in 84% cases, pleural effusion in 76% cases, and both ascites and pleural effusion in 60% of cases. The pleural effusion was right-sided in 52.6% cases, bilateral in 47.4% cases and only left-sided in none of the cases. The fluid ...