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    • Dengue fever among ill-returned travellers and concurrent infection by two dengue virus serotypes. 

      Thai, K T D; Wismeijer, J A; van Vugt, Michèle; Wolthers, K C; J de Vriesa, Peter (‎2009-12)‎
      A sudden increase in dengue virus (‎DENV)‎-infected returned travellers was observed at the outpatient department of Tropical Medicine, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A descriptive observational study was conducted to analyse the epidemiology, clinical manifestations and laboratory features of imported DENV-infected patients. From September 2008 to June 2009, a total of 45 ill-returned travellers suspected for dengue were prospectively and four ill-returned travellers retrospectively were included. The majority (‎32 out of 49, ...