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    • Geographical association between socioeconomics and age of dengue haemorrhagic fever patients in Surabaya, Indonesia. 

      Nagao, Yoshiro; Rachmie, Esty M; Ochi, Shiro; Padmidewi, Maria M; Kuntarianto; Kawabata, Masato (‎2011-12)‎
      A study was designed to correlate the ages of dengue patients to the geographical and temporal demographic structure in 28 districts in Surabaya, Indonesia, between 1996 and 2005. The geographical distribution of the mean patient age was stable throughout the study period. The mean patient age did not correlate with the demographic structure but was related to the prevalence of poor housing where mosquito density was high. These results suggested that socioeconomic factors which affect mosquito abundance are more important determinants of the ...