• Larval indices of Aedes aegypti at air and sea ports of Mumbai, India. 

      Gill, Kuldip Singh; Rahman, SJ; Datta, KK; Kumar, Kaushal; Katyal, R (‎1996-12)‎
    • Relevance of the Aedes Larval/House Index in predicting outbreaks of Dengue/Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. 

      Rahman, SJ; Jalees, Saba; Sharma, RS; Verghese, T (‎1995-04)‎
      Since 1963, outbreaks of dengue/DHF have been recorded in India in almost all parts of the country. In all these outbreaks, the main mosquito found to be involved in transmission was Aedes aegypti. In the present study, results of investigations of different outbreaks of dengue fever, wherein both entomological and epidemiologicial aspects were fully investigated by various workers in the same locality, were taken into consideration in order to correlate teh attack rates of dengue/DHF with the A. aegypti larval/house index. This situation was ...