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dc.contributorGhannem, H.EN
dc.description.abstractChronic [‎noncommunicable]‎ diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes mellitus, are a global public health problem that is increasing, particularly in developing countries. According to the World Health Organization, over the period 2006-15, the largest increase in deaths from chronic diseases will occur in the regions of Africa and the Middle East. This article outlines the problems facing these regions with regard to chronic diseases, and discusses the urgent need for capacity building and community-based programmes in order to enhance regional capability for tackling chronic diseasesEN
dc.subjectCommunity Health PlanningEN
dc.subjectWorld Health OrganizationEN
dc.subject.meshChronic DiseaseEN
dc.titleThe need for capacity building to prevent chronic diseases in North Africa and the Middle EastEN
dc.relation.ispartofjournalEMHJ - Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 17 (‎7)‎, 630-634, 2011

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