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dc.contributorSharma, V.K.EN
dc.contributorDurrani, S.EN
dc.contributorSawa, M.EN
dc.contributorCopeland, J.R.M.EN
dc.contributorAbou-Saleh, M.T.EN
dc.contributorLane, S.EN
dc.contributorLepping, P.EN
dc.description.abstractMental health services are far from satisfactory in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The Global Mental Health Assessment Tool-Primary Care version [‎GMHAT/PC]‎ is a semi-structured, computerized clinical assessment tool that was developed to assist health workers in making quick, convenient and comprehensive standardized mental health assessments. A study was carried out in the United Arab Emirates to evaluate the validity and feasibility of the Arabic version of the GMHAT/PC. Mental health nurses administered the GMHAT/PC Arabic version to 50 patients in mental health and rehabilitation settings and their GMHAT/PC diagnosis was compared with the psychiatrist's independent ICD-10 based clinical diagnosis on the same patients. The nurses found GMHAT/PC easy to administer in an average of 16 minutes. The GMHAT/PC-based diagnosis had a good agreement with the psychiatrist's diagnosis [‎kappa = 0.91]‎ and a high sensitivity [‎97%]‎ and specificity [‎94%]‎EN
dc.titleArabic version of the Global Mental Health Assessment Tool-Primary Care version [‎GMHAT/PC]‎: a validity and feasibility studyEN
dc.relation.ispartofjournalEMHJ - Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 19 (‎11)‎, 905-908, 2013

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