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  • Integration of mental health into primary health care 

    World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (‎2018-02)‎
  • The trends in consumption patterns of toothbrushes and toothpastes in Lebanon 

    Doumit, Mounir; Al Sayah, Fida (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: The prevalence of dental cavities has been rising especially during the past ten years. Tooth brushing twice a day using a fluoridated toothpaste is a crucial preventive measure. The World Health Organization [‎WHO]‎ has recommended the yearly use of 6 tubes of toothpaste of 170g each and 4 toothbrushes per individual. Aim: To evaluate the individual yearly consumption of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes in Lebanon using the amount supplied to the market as a proxy measure after checking if the products meet the standards. Methods: ...
  • Tobacco smoking in Egypt: a scoping literature review of its epidemiology and control measures 

    Fouda, Samar; Kelany, Mohamed; Moustafa, Nada; Abushouk, Abdelrahman Ibrahim; Hassane, Amro; Sleem, Ahmad; Mokhtar, Osama; Negida, Ahmed; Bassiony, Medhat (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: According to World Health Organization [‎WHO]‎ reports, the prevalence of smoking is increasing in many developing countries, including Egypt. The aim of this study is to summarize the published data in the literature about tobacco smoking in Egypt. Methods: A computerized literature search of PubMed and relevant Egyptian journals was conducted using the relevant keywords. The findings of retrieved studies were extracted and discussed in a narrative approach. Results: Our search retrieved 44 relevant studies. The most updated prevalence ...
  • Health research institutional mapping: an Eastern Mediterranean Regional perspective 

    Mandil, Ahmed; El Jardali, Fadi; El Feky, Samar; Nour, Mohamed; Al Abbar, Mazen; Bou Karroum, Lama (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: Research-conducive environments are mandatory for planning, implementing and translating research findings into evidence-informed health policies. Aim: This study aimed at comprehensive situation analysis of health research institutions in the Region. Methods: We collected data on: institutional characteristics, research scope, capacity building, ethics, governance and resources. Results: We contacted 575 institutions, of which, 223 [‎38.8%]‎ responded, indicating that they conducted population research [‎82%]‎. Reported studies were ...
  • Nutrition and food security policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran: situation analysis and roadmap towards 2021 

    Damari, Behzad; Abdollahi, Zahra; Hajifaraji, Majid; Rezazadeh, Arezoo (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: All government policies and programmes for food and nutrition security should include providing healthy food, as well as providing economic and social availability for all people. Aim: This study aimed to analyse the current situation of Iranian food and nutrition security and establish a road map towards 2021. Methods: The applied methods were situation analysis and a mixed qualitative–quantitative method. The conceptual method used for developing this national document encompassed three areas: sustainable food supply, food safety ...
  • Psychosocial wellbeing of infertile couples in Jordan 

    Mahadeen, Alia; Mansour, Ayman; Al Halabi, Jehad; Al Habashneh, Samira; Bani Kenana, Aya (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: The psychological and social impact of infertility on married couples alerted researchers in developing countries to consequences of infertility and the need to not underestimate the problem. Aim: To examine the psychosocial wellbeing of infertile couples in Jordan. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive correlational study design was used to collect data regarding depression, psychological distress, life satisfaction, coping, optimism and perceived social support from 248 infertile couples using a self-administered questionnaire. ...
  • Causes of low vision and blindness in a Turkish adult population: the Izmir eye study 

    Koc, Feray; Erden, Veysi; Sefi Yurdakul, Nazife (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: Data from Turkey show that sense organ diseases were the second leading cause of years lost due to disability in 2015. However, there are no reliable data on either the baseline causative disorders of visual impairment or the burden of these disorders on the population in Izmir region. Izmir is the third most populated city of Turkey with a population of approximately 4.2 million. Aim: The purpose of this study was to define the baseline disorders causing low vision and blindness in accordance with World Health Organization criteria ...
  • Smoking behaviour and patterns among university students during the Syrian crisis 

    Idris, Amr; Al Saadi, Tareq; Turk, Tarek; Alkhatib, Mahmoud; Zakaria, Mohammed; Sawaf, Bisher; Edris, Basel (‎2018-02)‎
    الخلفية: أسفرت الحرب الدائرة في سوريا عن كثير من التغييرات في الحياة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية للسوريين. ولم توثّق، حتى تاريخه، أي دراسة للعلاقة بين سلوك التدخين والحرب. الهدف: تحديد مدى انتشار تدخين السجائر بين الطلاب الجامعيين خلال الأزمة في دمشق، الجمهورية العربية السورية ، وأثر الحرب على سلوك التدخين. طرق البحث: أجرينا مسحاً مقطعياً مغْفل الأسماء على الإنترنت لما مجموعه 1027 طالباً في المرحلة الجامعية من جميع السنوات الدراسية والكليات في جامعة دمشق. النتائج: بلغ المستوى العام لانتشار تدخين التبغ 24.73 % بالنسبة لتدخين السجائر، و 30.4 % ...
  • Integration of mental health into primary healthcare: perceptions of stakeholders in Pakistan 

    Hussain, Syed S.; Khan, Murad; Gul, Raisa; Asad, Nargis (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: In Pakistan, there is high prevalence of mental health disorders, but mental health services to address these are not well developed. To provide effective mental health services, the World Health Organization emphasizes the integration of mental health into primary health care [‎PHC]‎. Objectives: This study aimed to assess the views of key stakeholders about integration of mental health into PHC in Karachi, Pakistan. Methods: A qualitative, exploratory study was conducted between June and September 2013 among 15 decision-making [‎from ...
  • Health risk behaviours of Palestinian youth: findings from a representative survey 

    Glick, Peter; Al Khammash, Umaiyeh; Shaheen, Mohammed; Brown, Ryan; Goutam, Prodyumna; Karam, Rita; Linnemayr, Sebastian; Massad, Salwa (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: There is little systematic information about health risk behaviours among youth in Middle Eastern countries, leaving public health authorities unprepared to deal with emerging public health threats at a time of major social change. Aim: The Palestinian Youth Health Risk study investigates patterns of risk behaviours among Palestinian youth, their perceptions of the risks and benefits of such behaviours, and the relationship of exposure to violence with mental health and engagement in risk behaviours. Methods: We conducted a representative ...
  • Surveillance of adverse events following immunization in Oman, 2006-2015 

    Patel, Prakash K.; Al Rawahi, Bader; Al Jawari, Athari; Al Abaidani, Idris; Al Abri, Seif (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: In 1996, Oman launched its surveillance programme for adverse events following immunization [‎AEFI]‎ to address vaccine safety concerns. In 2010, an analysis of surveillance activities for AEFI was done for 10 years [‎1996-2005]‎. Objectives: The main objective of the study was to describe the trend of AEFI over the 10-year period, 2006-2015, and compare the findings with a previous report in Oman and reports from other countries. Methods: A descriptive record-based review of AEFI was carried out using the national AEFI surveillance ...
  • Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards standard precautions [‎SP]‎ among caregivers at Hassan II University Teaching Hospital in Fes, Morocco 

    Benboubker, Moussa; El Marnissi, Boujemaa; Nhili, Aziz; El Rhazi, Karima (‎2017-01)‎
    This survey aims at assessing knowledge, attitudes and practices towards standard precautions [‎SP]‎ among caregivers at Hassan II University Teaching Hospital in Fes. This is a cross-sectional prospective and evaluative study that covers a two-month period. Data were collected using an anonymous and self-administered questionnaire. Sampling population was divided into 307 nurses [‎53.8%]‎, 210 hospital doctors [‎36.77%]‎ and 57 support staff [‎9.45%]‎, belonging to other various categories working in different departments. This is a young population ...
  • Policy and programme evaluation: principles and objectives 

    Rashidian, Arash (‎2017-01)‎
  • Interobserver variations in reporting of prostatic adenocarcinoma using core biopsy specimens: a retrospective study from a tertiary referral hospital in Saudi Arabia 

    Al Rikabi, A.C.; Alkhalidi, H. (‎2014-09-01)‎
    In recent years, greater numbers of prostate biopsy cores are being submitted for histopathological assessment, with a concomitant increase in workload for the pathologist. This retrospective study aimed to assess the concordance and interobserver variation between histopathologists in reporting prostatic adenocarcinoma using material obtained from prostatic core biopsy specimens. A total of 810 prostatic needle core biopsy specimens obtained from 100 patients with suspected prostatic adenocarcinoma were retrieved from the archival material at ...
  • Knowledge and practice characteristics of pharmacists in Qatar towards medication use in pregnancy: a cross-sectional survey 

    Abdul Rouf, Pallivalapilla; Thomas, Binny; Elkassem, Wessam; Tarannum, Asma; Al Saad, Doua; Gasim, Mohammed M.; Al Hail, Moza (‎2018-02)‎
    Background: Medication use during pregnancy is common. Pharmacists have an important role in improving medication use during pregnancy. There is a lack of empirical evidence on pharmacists' knowledge and practice characteristics towards medication use in pregnancy. Objectives: This study aimed to determine the knowledge and practice characteristics of pharmacists in Qatar about medicines use in pregnancy. Methods: A cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study was conducted over a period of 6 months in 2010. Questionnaires were distributed to 400 ...
  • Factors affecting the process of obtaining informed consent to surgery among patients and relatives in a developing country: results from Pakistan 

    Jahan, F.; Roshan, R.; Nanji, K.; Sajwani, U.; Warsani, S.; Jaffer, S. (‎2014-09-01)‎
    Efforts have been made in Pakistan to create ethical guidelines for research and medical practice. This study explored the perceptions of and factors affecting the process of obtaining informed consent to surgery among inpatients and families at a tertiary-care hospital in Karachi. A random sample of 400 post-surgery adult patients answered a pre-tested, structured questionnaire. Overall, 233 patients [‎58.3%]‎ had signed the surgery consent form themselves, while 167 relatives [‎41.7%]‎ had signed on behalf of the patient. Perceived factors significantly ...
  • Knowledge of periconceptional folic acid use among pregnant women at Ain Shams University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt 

    Al Darzi, W.; Al Mudares, F.; Farah, A.; Ali, A.; Marzouk, D. (‎2014-09-01)‎
    Egypt has a high incidence of neural tube defects. Folic acid supplementation in the periconceptional period is known to lower the risk of such defects. This cross-sectional study aimed to measure the level of knowledge about periconceptional folic acid use among pregnant women attending for antenatal care at Ain Shams University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt in 2012. Questionnaires were filled through personal interviews with 660 pregnant women. Of the respondents, 62.4% had heard of folic acid and 39.2% knew about the role of folic acid supplementation ...

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