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    • Interlaboratory quality assessment of levels of PCBs, PCDDs and PCDFs in human milk and blood plasma : fourth round of WHO-coordinated study 

      World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; WHO European Centre for Environment and Health (‎Bilthoven)‎ (‎EUR/00/5020352, 2000)‎
      The WHO Regional Office for Europe (‎EURO)‎ and the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Bilthoven Division have coordinated a comprehensive programme on polychlorinated biphenyls (‎PCBs)‎, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (‎PCDDs)‎ and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (‎PCDFs)‎ with the aim of assessing the possible adverse health risks of these compounds, and controlling and preventing environmental exposure. To ensure the reliability of the exposure data and to improve comparability of analytical results from different laboratories, EURO has ...