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    • Toxic oil syndrome : ten years of progress / edited by Benedetto Terracini 

      Terracini, Benedetto; Joint WHO/CISAT Scientific Committee for the Toxic Oil Syndrome; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/04/5046349, 2004)‎
      This report provides an update on research on the toxic oil syndrome (‎TOS)‎ since the last WHO review was published in 1992. Although it has been known since the late 1980s that the disease was caused by the consumption of illicitly refined rapeseed oil, it has been obvious for many years that a concerted scientific effort was needed to precisely identify the agent(‎s)‎ responsible for the outbreak and to assess the pathogenesis and clinical evolution of the condition. Although many questions remain to be answered and no animal model for TOS has ...