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    • Better noncommunicable disease outcomes: challenges and opportunities for health systems. TAJIKISTAN COUNTRY ASSESSMENT 

      Akkazieva, Baktygul; Tello, Juan; Smith, Barton; Jakab, Melitta; Krasovsky, Konstantin; Sautenkova, Nina; Yuldasheva, Lola; Shoismatuloeva, Mekhri (‎2014)‎
      Cardiovascular diseases are the predominant cause of death in Tajikistan, with a growing burden of ischemic heart disease, strokes and cirrhosis between 1990 and 2010. Considering this, this report focuses on cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors, such as hypertension and poor nutrition; it is estimated that 40% of the Tajik population is overweight and 9% is obese. Other risk factors such as diabetes and tobacco use are also analysed. While Tajikistan has made some progress in implementing anti-smoking policies and reducing the ...