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    • Technology appraisal programme of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence : a review by WHO June-July 2003 / by Suzanne Hill ... [‎et al.]‎ 

      Hill, Suzanne; Garattini, S; Loenhout, Jos van; O'Brien, Bernie J; De Joncheere, Kees; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/03/5045738, 2003)‎
      The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (‎NICE)‎ is responsible for providing guidance to the National Health Service in England and Wales on the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of medicines and medical technologies. After a review of the Institute by the House of Commons Health Select Committee in 2002, NICE commissioned a series of internal reviews on their work, and requested the WHO Regional Office for Europe to carry out an external review on their methods and processes as well as their scientific robustness. The WHO team of experts ...