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    • Assessment of the health information system in Czech Republic / by Pavla Lexova and Jana Brozova 

      Lexova, Pavla; Brozova, Jana; Ungurean, Carmen; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Institute of Health Information and Statistics (‎Czech Republic)‎ (‎EUR/04/5058514, 2005)‎
      This assessment of the National Health Information System (‎NHIS)‎ in the Czech Republic was conducted as part of a project of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Its goal is to enable a better use of information in decision-making, while holding into account the other factors influencing decisions. The methodology was developed in Romania in June 2003, and then tested in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary and Poland. This report is the result of the Czech experience. Semi-structured interviews of key-informants at the highest possible level, ...