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    • Framework plan for the development of monitoring of particulate matter in EECCA / by Ruth Baumann, Michal Krzyzanowski and Sergei Chicherin 

      Baumann, Ruth; Krzyzanowski, Michal; Chicherin, Sergei; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/05/5046022, 2006)‎
      Monitoring and assessment of population exposure to particulate matter (‎PM2.5 and PM10)‎ is a prerequisite of an effective health-related air quality management. To facilitate development of this monitoring in the Member States, and in particular in the countries of eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, this technical paper summarizes principles of PM monitoring and presents practical guidelines on essential steps to be taken in a country initiating PM monitoring. The cost-effectiveness of the system and its operation in countries with limited ...