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    • Antibiotic prophylaxis of diphtheria drafted by WHO/EURO/CDC/USAID/BASICS 

      World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival Project (‎EUR/ICP/CMDS 96 06 01 03, 1996)‎
      The WHO/UNICEF Strategy for diphtheria control includes three main recommendations: mass immunization; early diagnosis and proper treatment of cases; management of close contacts by the use of antibiotics. Whereas the first two recommendations have been implemented in all NIS having epidemic diphtheria, in some countries there is a controversial discussion regarding the use of antibiotics for close contacts. Therefore WHO, with assistance of CDC and USAID/BASICS has drafted guidelines regarding the antibiotic prophylaxis of contacts of diphtheria ...