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    • 17th Annual Meeting of CINDI Programme Directors : report on a WHO meeting, Qawra, Malta 9-10 June 2000 

      Annual Meeting of CINDI Programme Directors (‎17th: 2000: Qawra, Malta)‎; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/01/5015946, 2000)‎
      The 17th Annual Meeting was held to discuss the implementation of the countrywide integrated noncommunicable disease intervention (‎CINDI)‎ programme in the previous year and the plan of work for the coming year. Reports were presented on the implementation of CINDI in participating countries, and on the activities of the CINDI working groups on monitoring, evaluation and research; smoking; hypertension; the workplace; children and young people; nutrition and elevated blood cholesterol; nursing; diabetes; physical activity; guidelines and training ...