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    • Mise en oeuvre de la promotion de la santé dans les hôpitaux : manuel d' autoévaluation et formulaires / publié sous la direction d' Oliver Groene 

      Groene, Oliver; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal (‎Québec)‎ (‎EUR/08/5064214, 2006)‎
      Health promotion is an integral part of the health care process and is related to clinical, educational, behavioural, and organizational issues. Quality improvement needs to embrace health promotion activities in order to make sure that effective approaches are used and continuously being monitored to improve outcomes. As many common quality management tools do not address health promotion activities explicitly, we developed this "Manual on implementing health promotion in hospitals". Its aim is to enable managers and health professionals to: ...