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    • European framework to decrease the burden of TB/HIV / by Pierpaolo de Colombani ... [‎et al.]‎ 

      Colombani, Pierpaolo de; Banatvala, Nicholas; Zaleskis, Richard; Maher, Dermot; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/03/5037600, 2003)‎
      Tuberculosis in Europe is declining in countries in western and central Europe, but the burden is still high and increasing in eastern Europe. HIV/AIDS is increasing dramatically in eastern Europe. HIV-related tuberculosis (‎TB/HIV)‎ morbidity and mortality are expected to accelerate significantly in the future. This framework aims to guide European countries in developing their national plan for reducing TB/HIV morbidity and mortality. It results from an extensive consultation process undertaken by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and by those ...