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    • Closing the health inequalities gap : an international perspective : / written by Iain K. Crombie ... [‎et al.]‎ 

      Crombie, Iain K; Irvine, Linda; Elliott, Lawrence; Wallace, Hilary; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/05/5048925, 2005)‎
      This report presents an analysis of official documents on government policies to tackle inequalities in health from 13 developed countries. All countries recognize that health inequalities are caused by adverse socioeconomic and environmental circumstances. However they differ in their definitions of inequalities and in their approaches to tackling the problem. Sweden and Northern Ireland have structured their overall public health policy to tackle the underlying determinants of inequalities in health. England is the only country with a separate ...
    • Generating a healthy interest in local Agenda 21, Dun laoghaire-Rathdown, Dublin, Ireland 

      Price, Charles; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Healthy Cities Network (‎EUR/ICP/POLC 06 07 01(‎A)‎, 1996)‎
      Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is aiming to integrate local Agenda 21 processes and sustainability goals into existing policy and practice, and to change the public's attitudes and lifestyles through public participation processes. The County has published an interim Local Agenda 21 Plan, set up an environmental Forum and launched a number of publicity campaigns. Initial reactions from the public have been disappointing. However, valuable lessons have been learned, in particular that the County's initial efforts have focused too much on ...
    • Highlights on health in Ireland 

      World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Epidemiology, Statistics and Health Information Unit; European Commission (‎1998)‎
    • Highlights on health in Ireland 2004 

      World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/05/5058522, 2006)‎
    • Housing, energy and thermal comfort : a review of 10 countries within the WHO European Region 

      World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/06/5072464, 2007)‎
      The impact of climate and temperature on health has been receiving increased attention in recent years. Although a precise assessment of the burden of disease caused by low indoor temperatures is not yet available, indoor thermal discomfort and fuel poverty may be of great importance in many European countries. The report summarizes a project on the health impact of low temperatures based on a review of 10 European countries. Based on the available evidence, the phenomenon of excess winter deaths is significantly related to housing characteristics. ...
    • Models of health promoting schools in Europe / edited by Bjarne Bruun Jensen and Venka Simovska 

      Bruun Jensen, Bjarne; Simovska, Venka; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/01/5024642, 2002)‎
      This booklet from the European Network of Health Promotion Schools: models of health promoting schools in Europe attempts to document the valuable experience gained through the last ten years working with processes of health promotion in schools throughout Europe. It describes models of health promoting schools as they are developed in different cultural, political and economic settings, and how they adopt shapes and structures that are compatible with the environments in which they are developing, while still subscribing to common underlying ...
    • Sensibilisation au programme Action 21 

      Price, Charles; Organisation mondiale de la Santé. Bureau régional de l'Europe; Reseau Villes-sante (‎EUR/ICP/POLC 06 07 01(‎A)‎, 1996)‎
      Le Conseil du Comte de Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown souhaite integrer des activites relevant du programme local Action 21 et des buts de viabilite dans sa politique et sa pratique, et modifier l' etat d'esprit et le mode de vie de la population grace a des actions avec la participation du public. Le Comte a publie un plan local Action 21 provisoire, a cree un forum pour l' environnement et a lance un certain nombre de campagnes de publicite. les reactions initiales du public ont ete decevantes. Cependant, des enseignements precieux ont pu etre tires, ...
    • Snapshots of health systems : the state of affairs in 16 countries in summer 2004 / edited by Susanne Grosse-Tebbe and Josep Figueras 

      Grosse-Tebbe, Susanne; Figueras, Josep; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (‎EUR/04/5046928, 2004)‎