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    • Water usage in the Gaza Strip: recommendations from a literature review and consultations with experts 

      MacDonald, Emily; Herrador, Bernardo Guzman; Hyllestad, Susanne; Lund, Vidar; Nygard, Karin; Vold, Line; Lafi, Mohamed; Ammar, Walaa; Iversen, Bjorn (‎2016-12)‎
      Water quality in the Gaza Strip has been severely compromised due to increasing salinity, contamination with pollutants, and lack of adequate treatment options. To provide the population of the Gaza Strip with advice on how to mitigate health risks from water we developed recommendations on using water from different sources for different purposes [‎such as for consumption, hygiene, amenities, and irrigation]‎ based on a literature review and consultation with experts. Specific advice was developed for several vulnerable groups, including infants, ...