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    • Study on validity of a rapid diagnostic test kit versus light microscopy for malaria diagnosis in Ahmedabad city, India 

      Vyas, S.; Puwar, B.; Patel, V.; Bhatt, G.; Kulkarni, S.; Fancy, M. (‎2014)‎
      Light microscopy of blood smears for diagnosis of malaria in the field has several limitations, notably delays in diagnosis.This study in Ahmedabad in Gujarat State, India, evaluated the diagnostic performance of a rapid diagnostic test for malaria [‎SD Bioline Malaria Ag P.f/Pan]‎versus blood smear examination as the gold standard.All fever cases presenting at 13 urban health centres were subjected to rapid diagnostic testing and thick and thin blood smears.A total of 677 cases with fever were examined; 135 [‎20.0%]‎tested positive by rapid diagnostic ...