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    • Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal [‎EMHJ]‎: a 20-year overview [‎1995-2014]‎ 

      Mandil, A.; Curlet, F.; Nour El Din, H.; Abu Saleh, N.; Ahmed, M. A. (‎2016-08)‎
      The EMHJ was established in 1995 to provide a peer-reviewed platform for health professionals to share their research with the scientific community. The objective of this review was to examine EMR public health research trends, as reflected by EMHJ publications in 20 years [‎1995-2014]‎, through secondary data analysis. Published articles were categorized according to EMR strategic priority areas [‎93%]‎, i.e. health systems strengthening [‎25%]‎; reproductive and child health [‎22%]‎; communicable diseases [‎26%]‎; noncommunicable diseases [‎25%]‎; emergency ...