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    • Medical faculty members' perspectives on the components of cross-cultural competence in the Islamic Republic of Iran: a qualitative study 

      Bazaz, M.Mousavi; Zazoly, A.Zabihi;; Moonaghi, H.Karimi (‎2014)‎
      Despite the importance of cultural competence in health care, there has been no research to develop a framework for cultural competence in the Iranian context. This qualitative study at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences aimed to elucidate the views of medical faculty staff on the components of cross-cultural competence and compare these with similar studies published in English. Using a combination of archival studies, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions among faculty members 3 major domains [‎knowledge, attitude and ...
    • Risk of aggression and criminal behaviour among adolescents living in Alexandria governorate, Egypt 

      Wahdan, I.; El Nimr, N.; Kotb, R.; Wahdan, A. (‎2014)‎
      Adolescent risk-taking and aggressive behaviours are among the most visible forms of violence in society.A study was carried out to identify the prevalence and risk factors for aggression, violence and criminal behaviour among adolescents in Alexandria, Egypt.Using multistage, cluster sampling of families from all health districts in Alexandria, the mothers of 783 adolescents aged 11-19 years answered an Arabic version of the Mentor Research Institute screening questionnaire.Overall 26.9% of adolescents were assessed to be at high risk and 20.2% ...