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    • Trends in tuberculosis notification and treatment outcomes in prisons: a country-wide assessment in El Salvador from 2009–2014 

      Ayala, Gilberto; Garay, Julio; Aragon, Miguel; Decroo, Tom; Zachariah, Rony (‎2016-01)‎
      25 prisons in El Salvador from 2009–2014 and to determine if a set of interventions introduced in 2011 affected TB case finding and management. Methods. This was operational research that utilized a retrospective cohort study of program data from 2009–2014. The package of interventions introduced in 2011 provides staff training, engages inmates in TB case finding, and offers diagnosis through mobile X-ray and Xpert® MTB/RIF. Results. Case notification rates per 100 000 prisoners tripled, from 532 in 2009 to 1 688 in 2014—about 50 times ...
    • Tuberculosis among indigenous municipalities in Mexico: analysis of case notification and treatment outcomes between 2009 and 2013 

      Medel Romero, Brenda C.; Castellanos Joya, Martin; Garcia Aviles, Martha Angelica; Martinez Navarro, Raul; Decroo, Tom; Zachariah, Rony (‎2016-01)‎
      Objective. To assess trends in 1)‎ tuberculosis (‎TB)‎ case notification by year and 2)‎ cumulative treatment outcomes (‎stratified by type of TB)‎ in relation to the proportion of indigenous population in municipalities in a countrywide study in Mexico for the period 2009–2013. Methods. This ecological operational research study used municipality data for the five-year study period. As no single identifier variable existed for indigenous persons, municipalities were categorized into one of three groups based on the proportion of their indigenous ...