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    • The impact of cemetaries on the environment and public health: an introductory briefing / prepared by Ahmet S. Ucisik and Philip Rushbrook 

      Ucisik, Ahmet S; Rushbrook, Philip; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/ICP/EHNA 01 04 01(‎A)‎, 1998)‎
      Most existing cemeteries were sited without thought being given to potential risks to the local environment or local community. The impact of degradation products from seepage waters from cemeteries has only been studied by a few researchers. This review considers the current state of knowledge on the fate of decomposition products from human corpses as they pass through the soil and into groundwater. This report is intended to provide an introductory briefing on the state of knowledge regarding water pollution from cemeteries and the mechanisms ...