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    • HIV testing, antiretroviral therapy, and treatment outcomes in new cases of tuberculosis in Brazil, 2011 

      Torrens, Ana; Bartholomay, Patricia; Silva, Silvano; Khogali, Mohammed; Verdonck, Kristien; Bissell, Karen (‎2016-01)‎
      Objective. To assess the implementation of HIV-related interventions for patients with tuberculosis (‎TB)‎, as well as TB treatment outcomes in patients coinfected with HIV in Brazil in 2011. Methods. This was a cross-sectional, operational research study of HIV-related interventions among TB cases and the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of TB-HIV coinfected patients. It also used a retrospective cohort design to determine the association between antiretroviral therapy (‎ART)‎ and favorable TB treatment outcomes. The source of ...