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    • Isolamento do vírus de raiva de morcegos hematófagos Do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil 

      Sugay, Washington; Nilsson, Moacyr R (‎1966)‎
      The authors worked with a total of 770 bats. Of these, 556 were vampire bats and included 496 Desmodus rotundus rotundus (‎Geoffroy)‎, 52 Diphylla ecaudata (‎Spix)‎ and 8 Diaemus youngi (‎Jentink)‎. Most of the bats came from areas in which rabies was prevalent. Of these areas the valley of the River Paraiba was of special importance, for these foci of rabies had existed since 1960. In this region 292 Desmodus were captured and from them 11 specimens of rabies virus were isolated, in all cases from brain tissue. The isolations were confirmed by the ...