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    • Factor VII polymorphisms associated with plasma factor VII coagulant activity levels in healthy Tunisians 

      Nour, M.; Slama, F. Belhaj; Maaroufi, R.M.; Hammami, M.; Mahjoub, T. (‎2005)‎
      Factor VII gene polymorphisms may contribute to elevations in factor VII coagulant [‎FVIIc]‎ levels that have been associated with cardiovascular risk. We therefore studied the association of two polymorphisms--R353Q polymorphism at codon 353 involving the catalytic region and the 10 base pair [‎bp]‎ insertion polymorphism involving the promoter region--with FVllc levels in 176 healthy Tunisians. The variant Q allele had a frequency of 0.213 [‎SD 0.021]‎ whereas the frequency of the 10 bp insert allele was 0.250 [‎SD 0.023]‎. Subjects with R/R genotype ...