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    • Why individuals fail to collect HIV-test results: an exploratory study at a testing and counseling center in Mexico City 

      Gutiérrez, Ester; Iglesias, Maria Candela; Quezada-Juarez, Francisco Javier; Rodríguez-Estrada, Evelyn; Reyes-Terán, Gustavo; Caballero-Suárez, Nancy Patricia (‎2018-02)‎
      [‎ABSTRACT]‎. Objective. To identify the characteristics of clients at an HIV clinic in Mexico City who fail to collect their HIV test results and to explore the reasons for non-collection. Methods. This was an exploratory, cross-sectional study that used 2016 program data from the HIV Testing and Counseling Center in Mexico City. Clients with a negative HIV-test result in 2016 were classified as collectors or non-collectors, and their sociodemographic and behavioral characteristics were compared by multivariate logistic regression. A telephone ...