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    • Potential occurrence of Zika from subtropical to temperate Argentina considering the basic reproduction number (‎R0)‎ 

      Orellano, Pablo; Vezzani, Darío; Quaranta, Nancy; Cionco, Rodolfo; Reynoso, Julieta; Salomon, Oscar (‎2017-11)‎
      Objective. To assess the potential occurrence of Zika transmission throughout Argentina by the mosquito Aedes aegypti considering the basic reproduction number (‎R0)‎. Methods. A model originally developed for dengue was adapted for Zika. R0 was estimated as a function of seven parameters, three of them were considered temperature-dependent. Seasonal Zika occurrence was evaluated in 9 locations representing different climatic suitability for the vector. Data of diary temperatures were extracted and included in the model. A threshold of R0 = 1 was ...