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    • Interferencia entre as vacinas anti-sarampo e antipoliomielite 

      Pannuti, Claudio Sergio; Souza, Vanda Akico Ueda Fick de; Takaoka, Neide; Leme, Suzana Toledo da Silva; Pereira, Cresio Romeu; Carvalho, Renato Piza de Souza; Amato Netto, Vicente (‎1987)‎
      The purpose of this study was to determine whether Sabin oral polio vaccine (‎OPV-Sabin)‎ interferes with the serologic efficacy of measles vaccine administered subsequently. To this end, a study was made of 117 infants nine months old to whom attenuated live measles virus vaccine (‎BIKEN CAM 70 strain)‎ was administered within a period of four weeks or less after receiving oral polio vaccine (‎OPV-Sabin)‎, and of a control group of 88 infants of the same age to whom OPV-Sabin had not been recently administered.IgC antibodies to measles were studied ...