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    • Present status and prospects of bioethics in Argentina 

      Zanier, Justo; Hooft, Pedro; Di Domenico, Cristina; Señoriño, Orlanda; Gurrea, Cristina; Asnariz, Teresa; Manzini, Jorge; Biló, Natalia; Pepa, Emilia; Brunamontini, Héctor; Calo, Orlando; Petriella, Ana María; Pacenza, María I; Golpe, Laura (‎1990)‎
      Most developments supporting the study of bioethics in Argentina are of relatively recent vintage. This article is dedicated to describing those developments- including creation of Argentina's Institute of Medical Humanities, formation of a bioethics working group at the National University of Mar de Plata, initiation of a two-year graduate bioethics course at the same university, and the holding of an international symposium and workshop on bioethics at Mar del Plata in 1988. Particular attention is devoted to the graduate course, the detailed ...