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    • Hospital-based tuberculosis control activities in five cities of Latin America 

      Moreno, Ralfh; López, Rafael; Tenorio, Alfonso; Victoria, Jorge; Volz, Anna; Cruz, Oscar; Moreno, Ernesto; Quijada, Carlos; Hesse-de-Herrera, Ana; Aguirre, Sarita; Santos, Laedi; Lima, Noemi; Tanomaru, Neide; Alarcon, Antonieta; Del-Granado, Mirtha (‎2017-05)‎
      Objective. To generate actionable insights for improving TB control in urban areas by describing the tuberculosis (‎TB)‎ control activities of hospitals in five cities in Latin America. Methods. A descriptive study of hospital-based TB control activities was conducted in 2013–2015 using a cross-sectional survey designed by the Pan American Health Organization and administered in Guatemala City, Guatemala; Guarulhos, Brazil; Bogotá, Colombia; Lima, Peru; and Asunción, Paraguay. Data were analyzed using Chi-squared, Fisher exact tests, and the ...
    • Monitoring delays in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in eight cities in Colombia 

      Rodríguez, David A.; Verdonck, Kristien; Bissell, Karen; Victoria, Juan José; Khogali, Mohammed; Marín, Diana; Moreno, Ernesto (‎2016-01)‎
      Objective. To measure time between onset of tuberculosis (‎TB)‎ symptoms and start of treatment, and to identify factors associated with delay in eight Colombian cities. Methods. Operational research with a retrospective analytical cohort design was conducted in 2014 using routinely collected data about new smear-positive pulmonary TB patients from eight cities in Colombia (‎Barranquilla, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cúcuta, Medellín, Pereira, and Villavicencio)‎. Date of symptom onset was sourced from TB surveillance databases. Data on all other ...