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    • Vacuna antirrabica de cerebro de raton lactante. Tratamiento humano poseexposicion en el Ecuador 

      Davila, Rosario Z., de; Gutierrez Vera, Ernesto; Diaz, Ana Maria O. de; Moral Garcia, Jose; Enderica Velez, Rafael (‎1988)‎
      At the Leopoldo Izquieta Perez National Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Guayaquil, Ecuador, between November 1983 and February 1985 an evaluation was done of the serological response of two groups, of 19 volunteers each, who received rabies suckling mouse brain (‎SMB)‎ vaccine produced by that institution and quality- controlled by the PAHO/WHO Pan American Zoonoses Center. Two postexposure treatment schemes were used: one group received 14 doses of rabies SMB vaccine (‎one per day)‎ plus three boosters at 10, 20, and 90 days after the ...