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    • Nutritional status of children from Cochabamba, Bolivia: a cross-sectional study 

      Masuet-Aumatell, Cristina; Ramon-Torrell, Josep Maria; Banqué-Navarro, Marta; Dávalos-Gamboa, María del Rosario; Montaño-Rodríguez, Sandra Lucía (‎2015-12)‎
      Objective. To assess the adequacy of energy and nutritional intakes compared to recommended daily intakes (‎RDIs)‎ in schoolchildren from the Cochabamba region (‎Bolivia)‎ and to determine micronutrient intake distributions across different ages and genders. Methods. This nutritional study (‎n = 315)‎ was part of a larger population-based cross-sectional study (‎the “Bolkid” survey)‎ that collected data on schoolchildren 5–16 years old in 2010 in the Cochabamba region. Information about food intake was gathered with a semiquantitative, food-frequency, ...