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    • A qualitative socio-ecological characterization of the plague threat at Hermelinda Market, La Libertad, Peru 

      Rivière-Cinnamond, Ana; Santandreu, Alain; Gonzalvez, Guillermo; Luján, Anita; Noriega, Marilú; Espinoza Quiroz, John Omar; Carpio, Yesenia; Gabastou, Jean-Marc (‎2017-11)‎
      [‎ABSTRACT]‎. Objective. To identify 1)‎ the main determinants of persistent Yersinia pestis circulation and the associated threat of plague at Hermelinda Market—a large farmers’ market in the city of Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru—and the main actions taken against it, as perceived by local stakeholders; 2)‎ the level of plague risk perception among local actors; and 3)‎ recommended actions to solve the plague threat at the market. Methods. A conceptual framework was developed combining a social determinants approach with a complex systems-thinking ...