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    • Investigación sobre la presencia de brucella en la leche de abasto de la ciudad de Azul, Argentina 

      Szyfres, Boris; Durán, Antonino (‎1966)‎
      Herd milk samples of 37 dairy farms that supply milk to the city of Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, were tested by the brucellosis ring test (‎BRT)‎, and bacteriologically through guinea-pig inoculation. The samples of 33 (‎89 percent)‎ herds were BRT positive. The bacteriologie examination was completed on milk samples of 34 dairies, and from 14 (‎41 percent)‎ Brucella organisms were isolated. According to the typing results of the biochemical, serological, and phage tests of the 14 strains, 12 were identified as Br. abortus biotype 1, and two ...