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    • Names for cigars or cigarettes used by the Latino consumer in the United States of America 

      Marcano, Maytté; Baasch, Alessandra; Mejía, José Luis; Tamí-Maury, Irene (‎2015-11)‎
      A cigar is a smoked-tobacco product made of cured and fermented leaves rolled into a cylindrical shape. Many types of cigars are available on the market today—they vary in size, shape, flavor, and type of filter and wrapper. These traits often determine the name given to each product. When the United States instituted a tax increase on cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products, and cigars in 2009 through the Children’s Health insurance Program Reauthorization Act (‎1)‎, consumption of some smoked-tobacco products rose. In fact, the higher cigarette/cigar ...