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    • Assessing the feasibility of the Healthy Life in Suriname Study: using advanced hemodynamics to evaluate cardiovascular risk 

      Aartman, Jet Q; Diemer, Frederieke S.; Karamat, Fares A.; Bohte, Evelien; Baldew, Sergio M.; Jarbandhan, Ameerani V.; Montfrans, Gert A. van; Oehlers, Glenn P.; Brewster, Lizzy M. (‎2017-03)‎
      Objectives. To determine the feasibility of assessing population cardiovascular risk with advanced hemodynamics in the Healthy Life in Suriname (‎HELISUR)‎ study. Methods. This was a preliminary study conducted in May – June 2012 using the Technical-Economic-Legal-Operational-Scheduling (‎TELOS)‎ method to assess the feasibility of the HELISUR—a large-scale, cross-sectional population study of cardiovascular risk factors and disease in Suriname. Suriname, a middle-income country in South America with a population of mostly African and Asian ethnicity, ...