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      WHO-FEDESA-FEP Workshop on Competitive Exclusion, Vaccination and Antimicrobials in Salmonella Control in Poultry (‎1994: Obernkirchen, Germany)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO-IFPMA Working Group on the Development, Testing, Utilization and Supply of Drugs and Vaccines for HIV Infection and HIV-related Disease. meeting (‎4th : 1993 : Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO-UNAIDS HIV Vaccine Initiative [‎1]‎
      WHO-UNEP Health and Environment Linkages Initiative [‎1]‎
      WHO-Wellcome Trust Meeting on Secondary Prevention [‎1]‎
      WHO-WFME Task Force on Accreditation [‎1]‎
      WHO-WONCA 1994 Conference : The Contribution of the Family Doctor (‎1994 : Ontario, Canada)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO. Meeting Regional Committee, 10. [‎1]‎
      WHO. Meeting Regional Committee, 22. [‎1]‎
      WHO. Meeting Regional Committee, 26 [‎1]‎
      WHO. Meeting Regional Committee, 26. [‎3]‎
      WHO. Meeting Regional Committee, 6 [‎1]‎
      WHO. Reunión del Comité Regional, 22. Organización Mundial de la Salud [‎1]‎
      WHO. Reunión del Comité Regional, 6. Organización Mundial de la Salud. [‎1]‎
      WHO.Meeting Committee Regional, 14. World Health Organization [‎1]‎
      WHO/AIREN Meeting on the Differential Diagnosis of Acute Onset Flaccid Paralysis: Comparison of Poliomyletis the Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Related Conditions (‎1992 : Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/APHIS Consultation on Baits and Baiting Delivery Systems for Oral Immunization of Wildlife against Rabies (‎1990: Fort Collins, Colorado)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/Australian Inter-Regional Ministerial Meeting on AIDS (‎1987 : Sydney)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/BMZ European Donor Consultation (‎1984: Königswinter/Rhein, Germany)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/CBM Workshop on Hearing Aids Services : Needs and Technology Assessment for Developing Countries (‎1998: Bensheim, Germany)‎ [‎1]‎