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      WHO/FAO/0IE Consultation on Animal Tuberculosis Vaccines (‎1994 : Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/FAO/UNEP/UNCHS Panel of Experts on Environmental Management for Vector Control [‎19]‎
      WHO/FIGO Pre-Congress Workshop on Violence against Women : In Search of Solutions (‎1997)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/FIMS Meeting on Health Promotion and Physical Activity (‎1994 : Cologne, Germany)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/HICARE Symposium on Radiological Accidents and Environmental Epidemiology : a Decade after the Chernobyl Accident (‎1996: Hiroshima, Japan)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/HQ [‎3]‎
      WHO/IABS Symposium on Progress on the Stability of Vaccines (‎1995: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/IAC Informal Consultation on the Asthma Guidelines Implementation Project (‎1998: Toronto, Canada)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/IARC Expert Committee on Cancer Statistics [‎3]‎
      WHO/ICF(‎M)‎A Meeting on the Distribution of Cystic Fibrosis 1985 : Nicosia, Cyprus)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/ICMR/DBT Meeting (‎1994 : Pune, India)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/ICN Project to Protect Health Care Workers from Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens [‎1]‎
      WHO/International Collaborative Study of Medical Care Utilization [‎3]‎
      WHO/IRPA Task Group on Environmental Health Criteria for Lasers [‎1]‎
      WHO/IRPA Task Group on Environmental Health Criteria for Radiofrequency and Microwaves [‎2]‎
      WHO/IRPA Task Group on Extremely Low Frequency Fields [‎1]‎
      WHO/IRPA Task Group on Magnetic Fields [‎1]‎
      WHO/ISS Coordination Meeting (‎11th: 1988: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      WHO/IUATLD Global Project on Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Surveillance [‎5]‎
      WHO/IZSTe Consultation on Recent Developments in Rift Valley Fever (‎1993: Civitella del Tronto, Italy)‎ [‎1]‎