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      Informal Consultation on the World Health Organization Requirements for Diphtheria Tetanus, Pertussis and Combined Vaccines (‎1988: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal consultation organized by the World Health Organization with the technical support of the worldwide antimalarial resistance network [‎1]‎
      Informal Consultation to Consider the Need for 'Matrix Standards' to Improve Calibration of Ligand Assay Kits for Estimations of Hormones (‎1984: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Consultation to Review Future Directions of World Health Organization Work in the Field of Neurosciences (‎1986: Geneva)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Consultation: strategies for the Control of Emergencies caused by Epidemics of Communicable Diseases (‎1981: Geneva)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Consultative Meeting on the Simulium Damnosum Complex (‎1987: Bamako, Mali)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Discussion on Oxidative Stress in Chernobyl Accident Recovery Workers (‎1996: Paris, France)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Discussions on AIDS Vaccine Efficacy Trials in Human Populations (‎1986: Geneva)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Expert Group on the Craving Mechanism. Meeting (‎1992 : Vienna, Austria)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Interregional Consultation on Developing an Epidemiologically Based Strategy for Control of HIV/AIDS in Asia (‎1988 : New Delhi)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Meeting on Health Intervention Packages (‎1994: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Meeting on Intravenous Immunoglobulins (‎Human)‎ 1982 : Geneva)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Meeting on Introducing the Essential Drug Concept in Curricula of Universities and Other Teaching Institutions (‎1984: Geneva)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Meeting on Severe and Complicated Malaria (‎1991 : Kilifi, Kenya)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Meeting on the Pathology of African Trypanosomiases (‎1983: Abidjan, Ivory Coast)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Meeting on the Role of Financial and Economic Analysis on Reproductive Health Project/Programme Development (‎1996: Washington, D.C.)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Network on Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care (‎‎Second Meeting : 2008: Geneva, Switzerland)‎‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Technical Working Group Meeting on STD Activities in GPA (‎1992: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Working Group on Educational Material for Patients (‎1985 : New Delhi)‎ [‎1]‎
      Informal Working Group on Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Impairment Programme Planning (‎1991: Geneva, Switzerland)‎ [‎1]‎