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    • Prevalence of factor V Leiden mutation in patients with thrombosis in Tunisia 

      Ajem, A.; Slama, A.; Slama, F.B.H.; Mehjoub, T. (‎2009)‎
      This study determined the prevalence of inherited factor V Leiden mutation in a group of 128 thrombosis patients [‎102 with venous thrombosis and 26 with arterial thrombosis]‎ attending a hospital in Sousse, Tunisia, and a control group of 100 with no history of thrombosis. Using an allele-specific PCR amplification technique, factor V Leiden was found in significantly more patients [‎20.3%]‎ than controls [‎6.0%]‎. The higher prevalence was significant in the subgroup of venous thrombosis patients but not in arterial thrombosis patients. The allele ...