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    • Cuatro años de estudio longitudinal de una comunidad rural con endemicidad chagásica 

      Puigbó, J. J; Nava Rhode, J. R; García Barrios, H; Gil Yépez, C (‎1969)‎
      The four-year follow-up study reported herein represents the continuation of a previous cross-sectional study carried out in a rural community (‎Belen, Venezuela)‎. The earlier study included 1,210 persons out of a total of 1,656 inhabitants, all over five years of age, and demonstrated a high prevalence of Chagas' infection (‎47.3 per cent)‎ and a high rate of Chagas' disease seropositivity among those with chronic myocardial heart disease (‎84.8 per cent)‎; heart disease was found in 17.3 per cent of persons studied. It included clinical, ...